Turkey Will Be Health It Hub With HIMSS’18 Eurasia

With the achievements taken as an example by the world in health IT area Turkey has increased its brand value with HIMSS’18 Eurasia. Turkey has achieved advanced improvements in healthcare sector with solution based on health IT applications and innovation, and reinforces its “focus country” position in the geographical region.

HIMSS’18 Eurasia, which is the biggest health IT event of Turkey, raised the level and attempted to be a regional leader in health informatics sector. As of 2018, with its new name HIMSS’18 Eurasia, the event strenghtens its international position. With its new vision aiming Turkey together with the regional Europe, Asia, Africa and the Balkans.

HIMSS’18 Eurasia will increase variety in terms of both foreign visitors and international speakers. For Turkey and countries in the region, HIMSS’18 Eurasia EMRAM Educational Conference and Health IT Exhibition will be core of health informatics sector between 25-27 October 2018 in Istanbul.

HIMSS’18 Eurasia EMRAM Educational Conference and Health IT Exhibition, which will be organized with the collaboration of Ministry of Health, Medipol University and HIMSS Europe, will be center of attention for expert speakers in Turkey as well as globally known international speakers.

In HIMSS’18 Eurasia, organized in four main concepts as ‘Health Informatics’, ‘Digital Hospital’, ‘Smart Systems and Technologies’ and ‘E-Health’, developments and future of the sector will be discussed including variable matter about health informatics in the agenda such as adopting the hospitals to information technologies, personal medicine, IT solutions for handicapped and old people’s health, clinical decision support systems in the digitalization process initiated to increase service quality and variety in international health sector.
We invite all healthcare professionals and health executives to HIMSS’18 Eurasia EMRAM Educational Conference and Health IT Exhibition between 25-27 October 2018 in order to discover new applications and developments in ever-changing and ever-growing health informatics field.