Medical Supply Chain Management Congress and Fair

In the recent years, Turkey has gone from strength to strength appreciated by the world in the field of health. Thanks to these developments, Turkey has become a regional attraction center in health education, health tourism and in any healthcare service. However, the efficient use of the sources within the global competition conditions and also the medical supply chain management accordingly have become the most important issues of health management.

In our day, the efficient use of the resources, and the supply chain and the stock management on international standards have gained importance for a successful and sustainable healthcare service, but the failure to organize a congress to gather all parties in order to discuss the problems in medical supply chain management, to follow the new technologies and to share the successful applications has started a fire under us, as Istanbul University.

In terms of medical supply chain and stock management, it is important to use the place and the financial resources in a correct and efficient way. The main purpose of this congress is to benefit from the knowledge and the experience of the companies and the organizations that have made progress on these issues in our country; to share the required systems, the technologies and the pilot schemes with the health managers; and to bring the health managers together with the companies providing products and services to the industry.

This congress will be a platform providing information related to purchasing, logistics, stock follow-up, recording, audit, financing and informatics; as well as bringing the users together with the service providers in the industry thanks to the Medical Supply Chain Fair where the new products, services and technologies of health industry will be exhibited.

Prof. Dr. Yunus SOYLET

President of the Congress